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Novice Guide

NPC Shop

Storekeeper NPCs in each area

Sell/purchase items through storekeeper NPCs

Some items can be purchased from merchant NPC Tool Shops.
- Consumable items such as HP/MP required for play can be purchased.

Some items can be purchased from merchant NPC Material Shops.
- Materials needed to use skills can be purchased.
- Revive items can be purchased.
- Novice users can purchase material items for equipment crafting.

Cash Shop

Used for purchasing game currency and cash items

Zeny / Consumables / Reward Coupon Purchases

You can enter by clicking the Cash Shop icon in the menu, and you can purchase goods and items used in the game.
- Items/goods needed to play the game can be purchased.
- Zeny can be purchased.
- You can purchase exclusive products using Reward Coupons obtained by spending diamonds.

(A variety of other products are being prepared.)

Draw Shop

Costume Shop

Use diamonds to draw costumes

You can enter the Draw Shop by clicking the Draw Shop icon in the menu. You can draw costumes by spending diamonds.
- Costumes can be acquired through the draw function.
- There various costume draw events.
- Draw rates differ per costume part.

Use diamonds to draw cards

You can draw cards by spending diamonds.
- You can obtain cards that are also dropped in the game through card drawing.
- You can draw various new cards through events.
- Draw rates differ by card grade.

Use costume tickets to buy costumes

You can try on or purchase costumes at the Costume Shop in the Draw Shop menu.
- You can purchase Costume Shop items with costume tickets obtained by dismantling other costumes.
- The Costume Ticket price differs per costume part.
- Costumes can be tried on before purchase

(Costume draw/card draw are not available in this version.)


Stalls where users can trade items

Open a stall/sell items/search for items registered in a stall

You can enter the Stall menu through the menu's Stall icon or by pressing the 'Y' key. Only tradable items can be sold.
- A stall can be established using the Open function in the Stall menu.
- Can only be opened in markets.
- You cannot move while your stall is open.
- There is an item registration fee when registering items that can be sold.
- A certain fee is paid when the sale is complete.
- When selling the item, the sale returns can be obtained through your mailbox.

Items can be purchased through stalls.
- Other items sold by users can be purchased.
- Items are sent to your inventory immediately upon purchase.
- You can bargain with other users through the 1:1 Chat function.
- Searchable using the Search function in the Stall menu.