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Novice Guide


There are dungeons in each region

Enter by talking to the local dungeon entrance NPC

You can enter a dungeon by speaking with the NPC at the entrance of that dungeon.
You can try dungeons 5 times a day, and each one consumes one dungeon entry regardless of the type of dungeon played.
- You can check dungeon information through the NPC at the entrance or the Auto-Search Party function.
- You can enter after selecting solo/party.
- When proceeding as a party, the party leader must first create the party and enter.
- All party members must come out of the dungeon to re-enter after a successful attempt.

Dungeon entry may be restricted depending on your Base Level, and there are various dungeon difficulty levels.
- Normal: Can be entered depending on your Base Level.
- Hell: Can only be entered from Base Level 100.
- Rewards provided are determined by difficulty level (normal/hell).

Endless Tower

An endless tower with rewards for clearing each floor

Endless Tower can be attempted solo or in a party

The Endless Tower can be entered by speaking to the NPC Ailock located in the North Dock of Izlude.
It consists of solo and party play. In general, you can obtain rewards such as Zeny and refining materials.
[Endless Tower (solo)]
- Consists of up to 6 floors.
- Higher EXP can be obtained than from other monsters.
- Once you have entered, re-entry is not allowed until after the reset.

[Endless Tower (party)]
- Consists of up to 30 floors.
- Reward item grades increase every 10 floors.
- Can be re-entered prior to reset.

Endless Tower resets after a certain period of time.
- Solo tower: Resets every day at 00:00.
- Party tower: Resets every Monday at 12:00 noon.
- After the reset, the challenge begins again from the 1st floor.

Arena of Valhalla

An arena where you can enjoy 5:5 team PVP

Arena of Valhalla entry

You can enter using the Arena of Valhalla icon in the menu or through the Arena Master NPC in the village, and there are conditions for match entry in some cases.
[Default entry conditions]
- You can enter once you have achieved Lv. 30.
- A maximum of 10 (5:5) people can enter through auto-random match search and the game will begin.

[When you cannot match]
- If you are currently searching for a party match.
- If you currently belong to a party.
- If you are in a field other than public fields. (e.g.: instance dungeons).

[When matching is temporarily suspended]
- Upon entering your Housing while searching for an Arena of Valhalla match.

Arena of Valhalla rules

The object of play is to occupy the Arena of Valhalla field bases and battle as a team. The rules are as follows.
[Play style]
-The team who gets 1500 points first wins.
-You get points for defeating opposing users.
-When a team acquires at least one of the 3 bases in the field, they will gradually get points over time.
- If the base is taken away, you will stop receiving points for that base.
- No stat correction.
- Can use cooking buffs.
- A high amount of points are acquired over time for maintaining the occupation of a base.

- You are on standby for 10 seconds upon death. There are no other penalties.
- If a team quits the game, they cannot acquire game points and entry is banned for a certain period of time.

Arena of Valhalla Process

Users begin in their team’s spawn area

Users begin the battle in their team’s spawn area.
- Even if you die, you will respawn in the spawn area.

Base occupation

Capture bases by interacting with them in the Arena of Valhalla field.
- Bases change into the color of the occupying team.
- Occupation status can also be checked on the minimap.
- A high amount of points are acquired over time for maintaining the occupation of a base.

Score screen

You can check the score of the Arena of Valhalla battle in progress by clicking 'Score' in the center at the top of the screen.
- Here you can check various information including each team’s point totals, user defeat/occupation counts, etc.

Check win / loss results

After an Arena of Valhalla battle, you can check the final score on the results screen.
[How scores are calculated]
- An occupying team earns 5 points for every 3 seconds a base is occupied.
- If an enemy is killed, the team that defeated them gets 3 points.

Arena of Valhalla seasons and rewards


The Arena of Valhalla is played in seasons.
- Match searching is possible at any time before the end of the season.
- Rewards are distributed according to rankings at the end of the season.

Arena of Valhalla rewards

There are various rewards for the Arena of Valhalla, and you can check them in the Arena of Valhalla menu.
- Get daily rewards.
- Get weekly rewards according to ranking.
- Get end-of-season rewards according to ranking.
- Rankings are determined based on points earned.

(Reward items are subject to change.)

Adventure Index

An adventure book that can be shared between characters in an account

Adventure points can be acquired for achievements completed through various gameplay content

The Adventure Index can be accessed through the menu’s Adventure Index icon or by pressing the 'L' key. Adventure Index buffs are shared among characters in an account.
- Adventure Index buffs are maintained when creating a new character.
- You can develop your Adventure Index by upgrading various characters and get a variety of buffs in doing so.

Complete achievements through the Adventure Index

Achievements can be completed through the Adventure Index.
- You can check the list of achievements within, and when you complete each achievement, you will obtain Adventure Index EXP.
- Continue playing the game to complete achievements.

Get titles through the Adventure Index

Titles can be obtained through the Adventure Index and can be checked in the Title list.
- Acquired when completing special achievements during gameplay.
- Each title grants a different stat buff upon acquisition.
- All title buffs are cumulative (you do not have to equip a title to gain stat buff benefits).
- Acquired titles can be equipped in the Character Info menu.

Inscribing items in the Adventure Index

There are items that can be inscribed in the Adventure Index to obtain additional effects. Once consumed, items used for inscribing disappear.
- Only card and costume items can be inscribed.
- Inscribing increases certain stats.
- All stat points gained from inscribing are cumulative.

Increase your Adventurer Grade by leveling up the Adventure Index

You can increase your adventurer level by acquiring points through the Adventure Index. Leveling up increases your Adventurer Grade in tiers.
- EXP is gained by completing various Adventure Index content including achievements, titles, equipment acquisition, Monster Manual completion, etc.
- The EXP required depends on your Adventure Index level.
- You acquire Adventure Livelihood points (used for Adventure Livelihood skills) when leveling up the Adventure Index.
- Upon reaching a certain Adventure Index level, you will be able to complete a quest to increase your Adventurer Grade.
- You can obtain Adventure Combat skills upon increasing your Adventurer Grade.


Meal Creation via Housing

3 types of cooking tools and different effects

You are able to cook using the Housing cooking tools, and ingredients are required for cooking.
(For a detailed description of Housing, refer to the Tutorial → Housing menu.)
- Cooking ingredients can be obtained through field hunting and Poring Isle.
- Create meals using cooking-related furniture placed in Housing.

There are three types of cookware, and food from each type gives a different effect for a certain period of time.
(See Character Info → Stat Criteria list).
- Pan: Increases some general stats.
- Pot: Increases basic/combat stats.
- Chopping board: Increases efficiency of basic/combat abilities.

Meals can be created for each character

Cooking tools are shared among characters in an account, but the cooking skill level must be achieved for each character.
- There is a difference in the effect of the dishes that can be made according to the cooking skill level.

There are cooking level promotion quests that can be accessed through the NPC Chef Gordon in Prontera Market.
- When a certain skill level is achieved for each cooking tool, a cooking level promotion quest activates.
-Completing this quest increases your cooking level.

Realm Militia

Solo content playable on easy/normal/hard difficulty with each region as the backdrop.

Realm militia entry

You can enter through the screen that appears by clicking the menu’s Content icon.
The conditions for entry can also be checked on the Realm Militia screen and are as follows.
[Basic entry conditions]
- Admission is possible from Base Lv. 20.
- Admission is possible twice a day.

Realm Militia level conditions for each village/difficulty

The entry level standards increase by region in the following order: Prontera → Morroc → Mjolnir → Einbroch.
The entry level differs for all difficulties except hard mode.

Playing Realm Militia

After entering each difficulty level, you move to the next field by killing the monsters that appear.
Easy consists of 2 fields and normal/hard consists of 3 fields.
The conditions for completion and failure are as follows.
[Completion conditions]
- Defeat the boss of the last field after entering.
- Your entry will be counted the moment you enter.

[Failure conditions]
- If you die, you cannot be revived and will automatically exit.
- If you do not succeed within the limited time, you will automatically exit.
- If you fail and exit, it does not count as an entry.

Poring Isle

Content that can acquire cooking ingredients by gathering/fishing

Entering Poring Isle

You can enter through the window that appears by press the 'Poring Isle' icon in the menu.
The entry conditions are as follows.

- Base level 40 or higher can enter
- You can enter only when you have remaining Daily Activity Count.
- Re-entry is not possible if all Daily Activity Counts are depleted after entering.

This content has a Daily Activity Count. The Count decreases when gathering/fishing.

Gathering and Fishing on Poring Isle

- Cooking ingredients can be obtained on Poring Isle by gathering and fishing.
- Gathering and fishing can be done manually or automatically.
- When Auto-Gather/Fishing, you can set the number and range of gathering, and the number of fishing.

- Vegetables and fruits can be obtained from plant or bushes located at the center of isle.
- Ingredients' quality vary depending on the grade of plants and bushes
- Higher quality ingredients can be obtained from special plants
- Ingredients can be obtained from the central fishing spot (freshwater) and the outer fishing spot (sea) are different.
Special rewards can be obtained with a low chance.-