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Novice Guide

Item Types


Equipment consists of 4 types: weapons/secondary equipment/armor/accessories

All equipment can be worn regardless of job.
[Weapon types]
- One-handed sword/two-handed sword/one-handed mace/two-handed mace/one-handed axe/two-handed axe/wand/staff/spear/bow (11 in total).
- Secondary equipment cannot be equipped when using a two-handed weapon.

[Off-hand equipment types]
- Shields/Books (2 in total).
- Secondary equipment can be equipped along with one-handed weapons.

[Armor types]
- Consists of 3 types: cloth/leather/heavy armor.
- There are items that can be equipped on each armor area (5 areas in total: head/top/gloves/bottom/shoes).
- All equipment for each area can be worn regardless of the armor type.


Costumes consist of 4 categories: head/top/back/tail

Costume head items are classified into several types.
[Head type]
- Head (top): worn only on the top of the head and can be worn with middle/bottom/middle-bottom costumes.
- Eyes: worn only on the middle part of the head and can be worn with top/bottom head costume items.
-Mouth: worn only on the lower part of the head and can be worn with top/middle/top-middle head costume items.
-Head (top-middle): worn over the upper and middle part of the head and can be worn with bottom head costume items.
-Head (bottom-middle): worn over the bottom and middle part of the head and can be worn with top head costume items.
- Head (full): worn over the entire head and cannot be worn with other head costume items.

Costume body items consist of top/back/tail types.
[Body costume types]
- Top: worn on the top of the body (appears as a single piece of clothing)
- Back: worn on the back of the body.
- Tail: worn on the buttocks.


Cards consist of types that can be equipped on different equipment parts

Each card has a distinct part on which it can be equipped.
- Can only be equipped on the designated equipment part.
- Cards that do not match the part cannot be equipped.
- Cards cannot be equipped on secondary equipment.

Consumable Item

Items that are used for various situations

Consumable items that can be used for recovery and skill use.
- Items that can recover HP/MP.
- Items that can cure status effects/revive.
- Items that are consumed for skill use.


Materials obtained through monster drops and combining

You can use the various material items you have acquired in various places.
- Use them as materials for making equipment, cooking, etc. (Monster drops meat type ingredients only, others can be obtained from Poring Isle)
- You can combine materials to make new ones.

Selling and Dismantling


Sell items through your inventory and shop NPC’s

Items can be sold through your Inventory menu and the shop NPC function. Use the Sell All and Sell windows as desired.
- Get Zeny for selling items.
- Settings can be configured for the Sell All function.


Disassemble items from your inventory

Items can be dismantled from your Inventory menu, and you can acquire various material items by doing so.
- Common materials used for crafting equipment can be acquired.
- Consumables/materials/cards cannot be dismantled.
- Costume dismantling uses the Costume Extraction function.

Costume Extraction

Extraction through the Costume Dismantle function

Obtain costume tickets through costume extraction

You can obtain a costume ticket through costume extraction.
- The costume selected as the extraction material will disappear.
- You can purchase costumes in the costume shop using costume tickets.
- You can try on costumes at the costume shop without buying them.

Crafting and Combining

Craft Equipment

Craft items using equipment crafting materials

Higher grade items can be obtained through the crafting NPC.
- Normal/advanced grade items can be obtained from the field.
- Each crafting NPC in each village offers different items.

The different area types for obtaining crafting materials are as follows.
[Material acquisition areas]
- Common materials: Obtainable as dungeon rewards, dropped items, and through combining.
- Exclusive materials: Obtainable through hunting in the field.

Combine Materials

Combining items obtained through dismantling and collecting

Combination is possible through material combination NPCs, and common materials that can be combined are among the items obtainable through dismantling.
- Materials required for crafting can be obtained through combining.

Materials required for refining equipment that can be collected in the field can be combined.
- Materials required for refining weapons can be combined.
- Materials required for refining armor can be combined.



Equipment can be strengthened through refining

Equipment can be refined through the blacksmith NPCs. Refining consumes certain items, and the amount and type required differs per stage.
[Refining stages 1-10]
- Oridecon: Can be used to refine weapons/accessories.
- Elunium: Can be used to refine armor/secondary equipment.

[Refining stages 11-15]
- Enriched Oridecon: Can be used to refine weapons/accessories.
- Enriched Elunium: Can be used to refine armor/secondary equipment.

Transfer Refinement

Refinement status can be transferred another equipment through Blacksmith NPCs.

- Currently equipped equipment cannot be used for transfer
- Refinement level remains after transfer
- Transfer only can between equipment’s of same type
- Transfer cost and material differ for equipment type and refinement level
- Equipment that used as source material is destroyed after transfer


Insert Card

Card consist of types that can be equipped on different equipment parts

Each card has a designated part for equipping that can be checked in the Item Info window.
- Cards that do not match a part cannot be equipped on that part.
- Secondary equipment cannot be equipped with cards.

Unlock Slot

Unlock the equipment’s card slot to equip a card

Locked equipment card slots must be opened through a Card Dealer NPC.
- The slot can be unlocked using the same equipment.

Combine Cards

You can acquire new cards by consuming the cards you have

New cards can be obtained by combining unused cards.
- You can combine cards regardless of their designated area type.
- The rate of acquisition for certain card grades depends on the grades of the combined cards.

Remove Card

Cards can be removed from equipment by spending Zeny


Enchant Effect

Additional effects can be applied to all equipment using enchant

Various additional effects can be given to equipment through enchant NPCs.
- Enchant grants three additional stat categories regardless of the equipment grade.
- There is a difference in the additional stats obtained for each equipment area.
- Check the Enchant Effect list by clicking the probability button in the Enchant menu.

There is a designated material consumed during enchanting.
- You can enchant using Mora Spell books and Zeny.

Changing / keeping Enchantments

Change or keep the enchant effect

You can continue to attempt enchant on an item even if it already has enchanted effects. You can decide to maintain the current effects or select the new enchant effects upon doing so.
- The three additional stats are changed immediately upon enchant.
- You can elect to "Change" or "Keep" on the enchant results screen after seeing the results.

Combining Various Materials

Combine materials required for each type of crafting

Refining/crafting Material combination

The combination of refining/crafting/fragment materials is possible through the material combination NPC.
[Refining material combination]
- Combination using Oridecon and Elunium required for refining.
- Combine to obtain better refining materials.

[Crafting material combination]
- For crafting, materials through equipment dismantle are required.
- Various crafting materials can be acquired.

Equipment Sets

Some equipment items have set effects

The effect of each equipment set is activated in grades

Some equipment items have set effects, and the effects are activated gradually depending the number of set items equipped.
- Equipping multiple set items activates the set effect.
- There are two formats for gradual effect activation (equipping 2/4/6 of a set or 3/5 of a set).