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Update and Patch Notes for 12.06.23 - Systems Overhaul



Hello Midgardians,

The long-awaited December Update is arriving soon, on December 6. Servers will go down at 12:00PM (US PST), and will remain down for approximately 8 hours. It may be extended. The game will not be available to play during this time. We're excited to announce the merging of Ragnarok Begins West with the upcoming Korean service, as well as revamped systems. The full patch notes are below.

(NOTE: screenshots are simply to help illustrate certain points, features or additions. Content in screenshots alone are not all of what is being applied in this update.)

**Patch notes released before the update releases are descriptions of the update changes, but actual implementation of changes or additions may be slightly different than described.


System Changes

- A new Korean server will launch, which will be accessible to all players. Progress will not carry over between the main North American server and Korean server. Prices on in-app purchases will be based on location and not the server.


- Card combining system revamp
--Card combination outcomes are now grouped into separate groups. This is different from the current system, which is based only on card grades and exclusion of results.
-- New combination-only cards, which can only be used for card combining.
-- Cards can only be combined when they belong in the same group.
-- Resulting cards from combining will only come from the same card group.
-- Groups consist of regions from where they are acquired and grades.
-- Groups can be viewed from the Adventure Index.
-- Einbroch cards are excluded from this system.

- Card Inscription system changes

-- Inscribing cards via the Adventure Index will allow players to equip inscribed cards from the Inventory panel.
-- Inscribing a card will delete that card from your inventory, not allowing it to be slotted into an equipment. However, it will appear in the Inscribe Card Slot panel, allowing it to be equipped under the same specific equipment slots, provided the grade of your Inscription Slot is high enough.
-- Each equipment slot will show, with a border indicating the grade on each slot.
-- Only inscribed cards with the same or lower grade as the slot can be equipped.
-- Players can raise the grade of slots from the card combination NPC by consuming owned cards to level up inscription slots. As the slots level up, the grade increases.
-- Equipping an Inscribed Card gives an effect that shows under “Inscribe Effect” from each card. The Equip Effect is not applied.

- Wardrobe System added

-- The Costume Shop has been moved to the Wardrobe.
-- A Wardrobe system has been added, which allows players to visualize and inscribe costume pieces. 
-- Inscribing a costume piece prevents that piece from giving its equipped bonus.
-- Inscribing a costume piece gives stat bonuses. These are character-wide and not dependent on you wearing the costume piece.
-- Once stat bonuses are unlocked through inscribing, players can consume Costume Points for other, one-time benefits such as Zeny.
-- Costume pieces can be visualized before purchasing.
-- All available costume pieces can be seen.

- Equipment Score system
-- The way equipment score is weighted and calculated has been improved.

- Boss Costume Tickets

-- Players can now exchange Costume Tickets for specific Boss Costume Draw tickets.

- Fatigue system changes
-- Being rested no longer gives bonus exp or job exp, only giving bonus Zeny.
-- A Zeny acquisition penalty has been added to players who kill mobs with a large level difference (difference applies to mobs with such a large gap that players did not get gear).
-- When Stamina reaches 0, the icon will become gray.

- Dungeon Changes
-- The Zeny acquisition penalty will not apply to dungeons.
-- Players will receive less Dungeon Blueprints. However, gear which requires Dungeon Blueprints will now cost less of them.
-- Players will also have less daily Dungeon Tickets.
-- As such, drop rates in Dungeons and Realm Militia have been increased.
-- Dungeon Blueprints have been added to Byalan (normal) and Any Hell (normal).
-- Culvert (normal) and Byalan (normal) automatic matchmaking has been increased from 2 to 4 players to ease difficulty for newer players.
-- In Culvert (normal), the dungeon will now start from the 2nd floor.
-- Pyramid (normal) will have adjusted positioning and boss patterns.

- Item Changes
-- Card drop rates in Field areas have been increased from 1.5x to 2x, depending on the grade. (Community manager note: we may publish card drop rates in the near future).

-Housing Changes
-- Housing shared storage level requirement reduced from level 65 to 40.

- Misc. Changes
-- A coupon registration function has been added to the in-game Account settings panel.

-- Mobile players can close their account via the in-game settings.

Stat Changes
- Job bonus stats have been reduced as the bonus stats were getting too high, especially with new content being introduced and in preparation for upcoming releases.
- The stat recommendation has been improved, with different weights depending on the job.
- Stats from titles have been removed.

Cash Shop Changes
- Prices for all in-app purchases have been reduced.
- Many new items have been added to the Cash Shop, including Mounts, which can be purchased and used from level 10:
- - Incredible Mechanist Costume Bundle
- - (Mount) RM-7274 Mechanic
- - Blessed Monthly Support Bundle
- - Blessed Monthly Weapon Refinement Bundle
- - Blessed Monthly Armor Refinement Bundle
- - Blessed Weekly Support Bundle
- - Blessed Weekly Weapon Refinement Bundle
- - Blessed Weekly Armor Refinement Bundle
- - Royal Support Chest
- - Royal Weapon Refine Material Chest
- - Royal Armor Refine Material Chest
- - Guild Support chest
- - Vitata Support Package I
- - (Mount) Poring Balloon
- - (Lv.25) Heroic Weapon Package
- - Heroic Weapon Card Pack I
- - Heroic Armor Card Pack I
- - Heroic Accessory Card Pack I
- - All-in-one Card booster Pack box
- - Oridecon x 50 bundle (70% off)
- - Elunium x 50 bundle (70% off)
- - More Diamond options

- The Battle pass free period has been reduced to 1 day.
- The Battle pass paid period has been reduced to 15 days, with lowered pricing.
- A confirmation prompt and disclaimer has been added when purchasing Diamonds.
- A new Season Pass has been added.
- Upon reaching certain levels, a shop pop-up will appear with level-up bonus packages for sale.

New Content
- A Field Boss Community event will start with the update, allowing players who damage a Field Boss to collect Badges of the Strong. These cannot be sold or traded. The top players who looted the most of these badges will be rewarded in January. More details will be released at a later date.


We appreciate all of you Midgardians for your patience. We hope you will enjoy this update, with Geffen coming in a few months or so. Let's also welcome the Korean players to our world, and we'll see you in Midgard!