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Emergency Temporary Maintenance March 23, 2023



Greetings Midgardians,

We will be having an emergency maintenance at 11:00PM PDT tonight (March 23). The maintenance should take about 1 hour. Please logoff beforehand to ensure safe data recording.

We will be addressing the following:
1. Fixing a bug where the Flora Golem card (Unique) was incorrectly assigned +MATK instead of physical +ATK (value will remain the same).
2. Heroic Card Booster Bundle: this bundle will be changed to include all three card options (weapon, armor and accessory). 
-- Players who purchased this bundle since the Einbroch update will be compensated with the 2 random Heroic card options that they did not receive for each bundle purchase. 
3. The element potion buff will be changed so that it will no longer disappear upon death.

Thank you for your understanding. We will be working diligently to address these concerns and have the servers back up as soon as possible.