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Emergency Maintenance 02.01.23



Greetings Midgardians, there will be an upcoming emergency Maintenance.

Please be advised: This update will take place on February 1st, starting at 4 PM PST - 5PM PST (Subject to change), thank you!




[System] Fixed an issue where a player cannot invite a party through the chat window under certain conditions.

[System] Fixed an issue error code: 1 is displayed when accepting a guild quest under certain conditions.

[System] Fixed an issue where the party name in the party UI is displayed abnormally when playing at a certain resolution.

[System] Fixed an issue where the font is cut off at the top left of the personal information window.

[System] Fixed an issue where chatting UI is not displayed in certain situations.

[Costume] Fixed an issue when checking the character details offline, the ability costume is shown on the head part.

[Quest] Fixed an issue where progress does not proceed normally when the portal overlaps with the quest 'Guard Serving the Ant Queen'.

[System] Fixed an issue where error code output when completing Guild Quest under certain conditions.

[Housing] A problem where the effect animation of 'Wood-burning Stove' (Housing furniture) was missing.



Thank you all and we'll see you in Midgard!