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Maintenance 11/17/2022 2PM PST




Maintenance will be performed on 11/17/2022 at 2PM PST. Estimated to be completed in about an hour


The following has been adjusted to improve user play convenience


1) Mistress Card and Angeling Ed Balloon are both registered in the Adventure Index

2) The probability of some ingredients from the Poring Isle has been adjusted to raise the chances of obtaining the items

3) Players going out of the field when using dash in certain situations (Prelap/Scene)

4) Failure to complete the quest when the user arbitrarily disposes of the material item (Screw) used in the Production Guide Quest.

– Modified the item to be sold in the NPC store

5) Issue of not being cleared when there is no acquisition compensation other than the basic compensation (experience value/Zeny) when Realm Militia is cleared

Modify Zeny's pocket to be definitively paid for basic compensation



[Build issues] - Following issue will be fixed next week


1) Certain errors: Display of black screen, unknown crash (Java-related functional errors - very specific devices (e.g., Motorola series) repeatedly occurring on some Android devices

2) Modified the function to initialize more naturally when changing the GamePass date



[Cash shop]- Following has been adjusted to improve user play convenience


1) Two new adventure packages have been added to the Cash shop