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Patch Notes 01.17.24 - Return of the Kraken



Hello Midgardians,

Tomorrow brings a new update! The update will take place at 3:00PM (US PST) tomorrow, and the game will be unavailable to play from then until 8:00PM. Maintenance may be shortened or extended, which we will update on our official Discord and Facebook page.

A smaller update this month as we prepare for Geffen and other content! The full patch notes can be viewed below:


General Changes

Added World Boss [Kraken] back to the game.

– New Kraken card added.

– New Kraken costume added.

– New Kraken draw shop added.

– New Kraken exchange shop added.

– Improvements made to the Kraken fight - removed beta label, modified rewards, adjusted scoring method (players who leave the party before the boss dies will not acquire scores).


The Amon-Ra event has been extended.

– Item drop period will go until 2/22.

– Item exchange period until 2/29.

– Event page will be updated.


New RO Shop Items

– Added Limited Special Weapon Refinement Bundle.

– Added Limited Special Armor Refinement Bundle.

– Added Odin’s equipment diagram selection box.

– Added Daily Card Combine Bundle.

– Vitata 500 has a limited special price.

– Added new categories in the shop.
– Added new Blueprint Equipment Crafting Box.

Balance/Minor Combat

– Summoner's Spirit Return skill will no longer automatically cast during Autoplay.

– Critical damage from additional hits will be in yellow as opposed to white.

Quality of Life

– Existing party will be maintained after re-entering the game for 10 minutes.

– Added Guild display function.

– For card engraving, a sound will appear when the card engraved slot is reinforced.

– For card engraving, an additional indication will appear if the card is engraved.

– For card engraving, slots can be sorted by default grade.

– When inventory is full during autoplay, if auto-dismantle and auto-sell are set in the options, the items will be organized better for automatic hunting.

– Added in-game guide on content affecting adventure level.

– Added item drop probability info for the Reward Pass.


Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue where an error message did not appear if there was insufficient space on the hard drive in installing the PC version.


Thank you for all your support and we will see you in Midgard!