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Patch Notes 04.02.24 - New Guild Boss and Season Pass




Hello Midgardians, 

We're back with another update! This update will take place on April 2nd at 4pm. The servers will go down for about 5 hours, until 9pm (US PDT). Please logoff beforehand.

While we're working on bringing Geffen and other exciting content, here is what we have planned for this update (patch notes below).

- Addition of Guild Boss Subjugation Boss

- Addition of 20 new trophy furniture items

- Addition of job-specific equipment score ranking board

- Addition of new events and RO Shop items
-- New Easter event
-- Spring Flower event (April 29 to May 1)
-- End of one-person dungeons on April 10th.
-- World Boss and Valhalla Arena ranking increased to 30 players
-- New probability info when crafting items

- Addition of Season Pass 3 (April 7 to May 12)

- Other improvements and bug fixes
-- Added equipment score ranking board for each job

- New Premium Card Draw (After Maintenance to April 16)

- New Card Combine Event (April 10 to April 24)

Thank you for your support, and we have exciting new content we can't wait to share with you soon!