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Update and Patch Notes for 09.13.23





Hello Midgardians,

Today is the update day for September! Holiday season is starting! To apply the update, the servers will go down at 5:00PM PDT on September 13th, for approximately 2 hours. The game will not be available during this time. Please logoff beforehand to ensure safe data recording.

Check out the patch notes below:


Chuseok Event

- Event Period

- - Check in Event : 9/21/23 - 10/19/23 PDT 

- - Exchange Event : 9/23/23 - 10/21/23 PDT 

- - Exchange item drop period : 9/23/23 - 10/14/23 PDT 


New Halloween Package


Four different Trophies added


Prontera Map (4) has been changed to Halloween Theme


Balance Adjustments

1) When wearing an specific element weapon and using a skill of the same element, the damage increases. - 

Example 1) Wearing a fire element weapon & using a fire element skill︎ > Damage increase 

Example 2) Wearing a fire element weapon & summoning Agni (fire element minion)︎ > Agni's attack power increases

2) Adjustment of the Warrior's "Spear Mastery" skill. 

[Before] Spear Mastery (Maxed) : ATK 10%, AGI+25 

[After] Spear Mastery (Maxed) : ATK 5%, Attack Rate+5%

3) Some bosses and elite monsters have had their size adjusted:
Field Boss 

Goblin Leader : Large->Medium 

Mistress : Large->Small 

Heavy Metaling : Large->Medium 

Battlefield Boss 

Amon Ra : Large->Medium 

Dungeon Boss 

Osiris : Large->Medium 

RSX-0805 : Large->Medium 


King Poring : Large->Medium 

Eclipse : Medium->Small 

Grand Peco : Large->Medium 

Flora Golem : Large->Medium 

Zadorak : Large->Small