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Patch Notes 03.13.24 - Presets




Greetings Midgardians,

We're back with another update! The update will take place tomorrow (March 13, 2024) from 4PM to 10PM PDT. Please logoff beforehand to ensure safe data recording.

This update brings a long-awaited feature - presets! Check out the patch notes below:

New Features and Content

- Present Function
-- Players will be able to switch between builds containing stat, skill, and inscribed card presets. 

- Solo Dungeon
-- A new solo dungeon mode will be available.

- Endless Tower Expansion
-- The floor count will be increased from 24 to 25 floors (party mode).

RO Shop

- A new Easter Bunny costume will be added.

- A new Einbech Mine blueprint will be added.

- Einbroch cards will be added to card draws.



- Easter Event
-- Will be active from March 20 to April 11 (exchange until April 18).

- New User Event
-- Level up event will take place from this update onward.

Thanks for your cooperation and Geffen is just around the corner! We hope to have more to share within the next month or so. Enjoy, and see you in Midgard!