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Small Maintenance and Update on April 5th, 2023




We will be having a small maintenance on Wednesday, April 5th at 5PM PDT, for approximately one hour.

A small update will be applied, and the patch notes are as follows: 

1) Einbech Mine
- Changed the placement of some monsters and devices for intuitive movement in the Einbech mine dungeon. 

2) Costume Draw 
- Components have been added to the existing costume draw.
- Due to the addition of components, the draw rate has changed. 

3) Quests 
- "Losing the Way (3)", "Purification Ritual (2)" 
– Fixed an issue where the NPC could not be found if exiting without accepting the "Gullveig’s Last Moment - Einbech" quests. 

4) Added Help Tutorial for Prismatic Realm - A Help Tutorial tip has been added regarding the Prismatic Realm dungeon. 

5) Bug fixes - Fixed a bug where the daily reset time happened twice, which erroneously reset stamina twice due to the changing of Daily Savings Time. 

Please logoff before the maintenance starts to ensure safe data recording. Thank you for your understanding!