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Update and Patch Notes for 08.30.23



Greetings Midgardians!

The August update is almost here! The update will take place on August 30th, at 5:00PM, for approximately 4 hours (PDT). During this time the game will not be available to play.

We will update on our official Discord and Facebook when servers are reopened. Please logoff beforehand to ensure safe data recording.

We bring a new World Boss, Summer Event, Einbroch Card Draw, Mount package and more!

Check out the patch notes below:


New Content. World Boss : Kraken
- Battle the ancient Kraken monster in the depths of the sea.
- World Boss icon has been added to the menu
- A separate practice mode is being added, with the practice mode without rankings and rewards
- You can enter World Boss alone, or in a party.
- - When playing in a party, scores will distributed equally by number of party members
- Attack World Boss: Kraken as much as you can in a given time (3 minutes)
- Upon death after challenging Kraken, players will automatically be kicked out of the World Boss area.
- - If players die during the battle, the score will still recorded 
- Scores will determine ranking, and will be displayed. 
- - Ranking rewards will be distributed every Monday at 00:00 PDT.

Summer Festival Event Part 2
- A new event will take place, with fresh drops and redemption rewards. A Field Boss for this event will appear up to 6 times a day, also with rewards.
- - Attendance period: August 31 to September 21
- - Exchange period: September 2 to September 23
- - Drop period: September 2 to September 16
- - Boss appearance period: September 2 to September 23

New Mount Package
- A new mount package is being added to the store, featuring the Magic Academy Broom.

New Card Draw
- A new Diamond card draw will allow players to acquire Einbroch cards.

Other Adjustments and Fixes
- Red Whistles will no longer auto-sell.
- Reinforcement of Weapon stats bug fixed.
- Fixed bug with Housing decoration.
- Fixed bug with achievement points.
- Fixed bug with visual riding on mobile devices.
- Fixed bug with red notification in Adventure Index when getting a mount.
- Fixed bug with weapon graphics displaying oddly when riding a mount.
- Fixed bug with debuffs when riding a mount.
- Fixed bug with card probability displaying correct rates after changing the cards to combine.
- Fixed visual graphic error in Einbech market.
- Fixed some quest errors.


Thank you for your interest, and we'll see you in Midgard!