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Ragnarok Begins Update Roadmap



Greetings Midgardians!

Welcome to the Ragnarok Begins Update Roadmap! We have some exciting events, currently scheduled through June of 2023, to share! Please be mindful that this Roadmap will list notable updates, but not necessarily everything that will be included in each new patch. Thank you!


Ragnarok Begins Update Roadmap



January 2023

Discover new a battlefield and a new fieldboss, Amon-ra! Gear up, and challenge Amon-ra and his minions! Try your luck by defeating Amon-ra and get a unique card, as well as costume tickets.


-New battlefield: Ancient Ziggurat

-New FieldBoss: Amon Ra

-New Feature:  Costume appearance/ability slot


February 2023

It's the Time of Love, Valentine's Day is here! Gather items and make special Valentine's Day chocolate. ROB's 100th day since Launch will take place during this month!


-Improvement of Arena of Valhalla matching 

-100th Day Celebration

-Valentine's Day Event


March 2023

Try your luck with our St. Partick's Day event! Explore a whole new town with LV90 + monsters (and more!)


-New Area: Einbroch

-Element Equipment

-Improved Refine system

-St. Patrick's Day Event

April 2023

It's April, so you know what that means. Get ready for an April Fool's Day Event, and don't forget Easter! Be prepared and become the strongest player in ROB. Want to show off your achievements? Invite fellow adventurers to your home and show off your Achievement Trophy!


-Equipment collection

-Achievement Trophy

-April Fool's Event

-Easter Event


May 2023 

Party time! Get ready for a Cinco De Mayo Event! A New Card Combine System. Be the strongest of all players and receive new rewards! Are you up to a challenge? Prepare for a new rare bounty. ROB's 200th day since launch celebration will take place during this month! 


-Battlefield Ranking function update

-Rare Bounty Board

-200th Day Celebration

-Cinco de Mayo Event


June 2023

Explore a new area! Make sure you have your Unique Tier Equipment. A new transferring system, a New World Boss. Time to level up and challenge your strength!


-Geffen Area Opened

-World Boss

-Unique Tier Equipment



Thank you all and we'll see you in Midgard!