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Update and Patch Notes for 06.28.2023




Greetings Midgardians,

We will be having a monthly update, which will be applied on Wednesday, June 28th 5:00PM to 7:00PM (PDT) . Servers will be down for maintenance during this time. Maintenance may last longer than the scheduled 2 hours. During this time, the game will not be available to play. Please logoff beforehand to ensure proper data recording.

This month's update brings a new Independence Day Event! The patch notes with full update details are below:

Added Side Quest progress notification system

– Side quest progress will be shown via a progression monitoring system. 

– An exclamation mark (!) will be added when a side quest is available to progress.

Added a Pop-up shop, which appears when specific conditions are met

– A limited shop with a one-time purchase opportunity will appear when players reach base level 35, 55, and 75. The shop will only be available for 1 hour at each appearance.

Independence Day Event added

– A new Independence Day event, for commemorating the July 4th holiday in the United States will be added.

– Rewards can be redeemed from the event.


Added New Stall Shop Items:

– Four new Zeny/Zeny Box options can be purchased with Stall Coins.


A New “Incredible Mechanist Bundle” has been added to the in-game shop.

– A new costume with mechanical engineering aesthetics will be available in a  Firework Costume Package.


Convenience Improvements

– Field Bosses which have spawned but not yet been killed will be sorted and displayed in the Field Boss panel.

– When an item name is so long that there is not sufficient space to display the full name, it will be displayed as “...” in the item information window.

– The quantify display in the item information window will now be aligned on the right side.

– When combining cards, clicking the screen will skip the effects cutscene.

– Increase Zeny Obtain (stat) can now be tracked and seen in the Character Info panel.


Thank you for playing Ragnarok Begins, and we will see you in Midgard!