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Update and Patch Notes for 05.24.23




New Event: Season Pass

  1. Season Period
    05/25/23 5:00PM - 07/27/23 4:00AM (63 days) PDT
  2. Details
    Level up your pass and get rewards!
    1. Pass can be leveled through completing daily and weekly missions, or through using Diamonds (only to level 50) through a new pass panel.
      1. Players who purchase a Premium Pass will be eligible to receive additional premium rewards including Costumes. Players who do not purchase the pass can still level the pass and get rewards, but not premium rewards. 
        1. Players without a Premium Pass can level the pass to level 50. Those with a Premium Pass will receive Season Pass Coupons beyond level 50, which can be exchanged for a variety of goods.
    2. The Premium Pass can be purchased in the new panel.

Party Dungeon ‘Byalan Island’ Hell mode added

  1. Byalan Hell level trophy
    Byalan Hell level trophy added.
  2. Strouf costume draw is added to the ticket costume
    Get a Byalan costume through the draw shop!
  3. New Strouf card added
    When you clear the party dungeon ‘Byalan Island’, you can obtain a Strauf card at a random rate.
  4. New Strouf weapon costume added
    Strouf weapon costume will be added to the costume shop.

Ranked Rewards for MVP/Field Boss

MVP card drop rate will be increased slightly.

When a Field Boss is defeated, the rewards will be split into ranks based on damage dealt. All participants who did not place in one of the top 3 ranks, and who also damaged the boss, will receive participation rewards based on damage dealt. There are thus 6 different tiers for loot for each Field Boss killed.

  1. Top 3 ranks will all have a chance to receive a Field Boss card.
  2. All participants (and top 3 ranks) will have a chance of getting a Field Boss Costume Ticket with purchase of a reward pass.
  3. All ranks and participants will have a chance to get a card booster pack, with increasing chances and higher tier cards for higher ranks. Only rank 1 can receive a Heroic card Booster pack.
  4. Amon Ra is not included in this rank change. Only Field Bosses which are in the Field Boss panel are included.
  5. Top 3 ranks can only be received if you are on the channel and area where the Field Boss was killed. However, participant rewards can be received by all players, even those who damage a Field Boss on a channel different from where it is killed.

OBT 200th Day Celebration Event

Event Period

  • 05/27/23 - 06/1723 (Item drop period ends on 6/10/23) PDT


  • New check in event for up to 14 days.
  • Collect event goods and exchange them for items!

3 New Costumes and 1 New Weapon Costume

  • Strouf Costume
  • Strouf Weapon Skin
  • 200th Day celebration costume bundle
  • Season Pass Costume
    • This will be a season-limited costume

New Packages Added

200th Day celebration bundle and Season Pass have been added.

Minor Changes

The Golden Thief Bug trophy is being changed from normal difficulty level (1000 kills) to Hell difficulty level (1000 kills).

Guild Attendance rewards

  • To cut down on players joining guilds and then checking in for rewards while leaving right afterwards, check-ins can only be completed one day after joining a guild.
  • Check-in button will be combined with the reward redemption button, reducing the steps.
  • Guild Attendance reward will be based on personal check-ins from the previous day.



Party goal setting for Farming has had an additional level bracket (Level 115 or higher).


Bug Fixes

Players will no longer be able to quit a guild while inside of the guild hideout.

The number of housing visitors will reflect accurately.



Thank you for your patience and submitting feedback to us. We are hard at work to bring you changes and new content to the game. We'll see you in Midgard!