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Update and Patch Notes for 02.22.2023



Greetings Midgardians!

The upcoming update and patch notes have arrived! 

Please be advised: This update will take place on February 22nd, starting at 4 PM PST. The update and maintenance will be about three hours (may extend). 

[Major Updates] 

1) Shop Reorganization and UI Improvement: Added recommendations tab, new product notifications, and costume preview function
- Premium Card Draw and Bonus: For a limited time until March 20, New card draws called Premium Card Draws will be available, and can yield cards that previously could only be obtained through combining cards.  Additionally, Premium Card Draws also reward 1 point per draw (10 points for a 10 draw pack). Players can redeem 100 points for a random heroic card or 200 points for a random unique card. Players can find the list of reward cards they can receive in-game. 

2) Arena of Valhalla Matching Improvement and Reward Change - A display guide for Arena of Valhalla has been added. - Arena of Valhalla matchmaking will now only be open from 0:00, 6:00, 12:00 and 18:00 for a one hour timeframe at each time, for 4 total time slots (PST). 

3) Improved Party Matching and UI Improvement
- A button to set a shared goal has been added to the party creation window.
- A hunting tab has been added in the party goal and the field can be modified so that specific monsters can be specified. 
- Parties created through automatic matching will now target a shared goal automatically. 
- A function has been added so that non-party leaders can invite other users to the party. 
- When invited to a party, the invite window will now display how many players are in the party. 

4) Two New Events 
> St. Patrick's Day: Collect three-leaf clovers and exchange them for four-leaf clovers. 
-- Three-leaf clovers can be looted from field monsters, in party dungeons, and from Realm Militia bosses. Additionally, they can be found in Green pots of treasure, which itself can be found from field monsters, party dungeons, and Realm Militia bosses.
-- Four-leaf clovers can also be looted from the same areas as above.

--This event will run from February 26 12:00:00 AM ~ March 19 01:00:00 AM 

--Event item Drop period February 26 12:00:00 AM ~ March 12 12:00:00 AM

> 100 Days of ROB Celebration: 
-- ROB players will all be mailed 100 diamonds and 1,000,000 Zeny on Wednesday, February 22nd, as a show of our appreciation in reaching 100 days post-launch. 
-- Additionally, a login event has started, with a reward given for each day, up to 14 days of logging in. The rewards can be seen and claimed from the event panel. 
-- A new 100th day Celebration Bundle has been added to the Shop. 
-- A 100th day Commemorative Coin can be collected, and exchanged at an NPC for rewards. It can also be sold for Zeny after the event ends. 
-- This event will run for 21 days, from February 22 to March 14. 


1) Item drop rates have been modified for normal and elite monsters, and are different depending on the party's monster damage contribution. Field bosses are not affected by this change.

2) All field bosses (Goblin Leader, Skoll, Mistresses, etc.) are now immune to debuffs.

3) Battle Pass: - Changed price from diamonds to dollars of Reward Pass ($14.99) and Play Pass ($8.99).
- Play pass and Reward pass will now be fully available as 3 day trial passes 
- Changed mission rewards with some missions rewarding 10 Diamonds instead of 10,000 Zeny. 

[Bug Fixes/Minor Changes] 

1) Fixed a bug where users could not occupy a tower with a full inventory in Valhalla Arena. 
2) Fixed abnormal gameplay when participating in Valhalla while a stall is open. 
3) Fixed a bug in which the costume is not displayed normally when equipped in the external appearance slot. 
4) Urdr Potion buff now does not disappear after dying. 
5) Fixed a bug with pushing the stall button after already activating a stall. 
6) Character names and status bars are now visible when entering Valhalla Arena from the Endless Tower party UI. 

[Balance Changes] 


  • “Black Mushroom” no longer reduces enemy physical attacks.
    • Increased damage from Black Mushroom skill.
      • Example: Level 10: 433% >> 590% of MATK
      • Continuous damage 10% over 5 seconds >> 15% over 4 seconds
  • “Children of the Night” dark enhancement has been reduced.


  • “Frozen Spear” no longer reduces enemy movement speed.
    • Continuous damage from Frozen Spear has been increased
      • Example: Level 10: 10% damage >> 15%
  • “Meteor” has been modified to attack 10 times every 0.6 seconds
  • “Ignite” Fire enhancement has been reduced.
  • “Shatter” Water resistance reduction value has been reduced.
  • “Scintillation” Light resistance reduction value has been reduced.


  • “Ground of Atonement” no longer reduces enemy movement speed.
    • Damage has been increased.
      • Example: Level 10: 86% >> 93% of MATK
    • Modified to attack 10 times every 0.7 seconds.
  • “Atonement” dark resistance reduction value has been reduced.


  • “Contract of Fire” fire resistance has been reduced.
  • “Contract of Water” water resistance has been reduced.
  • “Contract of Darkness” dark resistance has been reduced.


  • The recovery effect of “Healing Light” and “Sanctum” skills apply only to party members.
  • “Consecration” now attacks 10 times in 0.7 second intervals. 
  • “Holy Weapon” light enhancement has been reduced.
  • “Holy Grounds” light resistance reduction value has been reduced.

Item Changes

  • Heroic-grade two-handed bows made from dungeon blueprints will now have water elemental attributes.
  • Enchant attribute ranges for some equipment have been decreased.

Card Changes

  • Obeaune Card gives less water enhancement.
  • Mimic Card gives less dark enhancement.
  • Iara Card gives less light enhancement.
  • Sandman Card gives less light resistance.
  • Cornutus Card gives less water resistance.
  • Argiope Card gives less dark resistance.
  • Steel Chonchon Card gives less fire resistance.
  • Vadon Card gives less fire enhancement.
  • Shooter Goblin Card gives less dark enhancement.
  • Drainliar Card gives less water enhancement.
  • Molina Card gives less water resistance.
  • Isis Card gives less dark resistance.
  • Frilldora Card gives less fire resistance.
  • Ashen Scorpio Card gives less light resistance.

Guild Buffs

  • Physical and Magic Attack Buffs have been reduced.
  • Physical and Magic Defense Buffs have been reduced.
  • Elemental Enhancement and Resistance Buffs have been reduced.

Equipment Slot Upgrade Changes

  • Upgrading Weapons and Bracelets slots gives less physical/magical attack power at Level 99.
  • Upgrading Off-hand Weapons, Helmets, Armor, Gloves, Pants and Shoes slots give less Physical/Magic defense at Level 99
  • Upgrading Necklaces, Earrings, Belts, and Ring slots give less HP/SP at level 99.

Thank you so much for being an active player and member of the valued ROB community!