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Patch Notes 02.21.24 - New Cards and Endless Tower Floors




Greetings Midgardians,

Tomorrow brings a small update! Tomorrow's update will take place from 3pm - 8pm (US PST, on February 21). Please logoff beforehand to ensure safe data recording.

The update patch notes are as follows:

Increase in Endless Tower (Party) floors

-- Floors 21 to 23 will be added, each floor having a new reward.


Change in World Boss score calculation method

-- This change will now penalize parties with fewer members, at a rate of -80% for a party of 1, -60% for a party of 2, -40% for a party of 3, and -20% for a party of 4.

- Cumulative Damage Bonuses based on Job

-- Defender will get an additional 20% added to its cumulative damage bonus.

-- Saint will get an additional 30% added to its cumulative damage bonus.

-- Job damage bonuses do not stack, and only applies per party. If multiple jobs with this bonus are in the party, 50% of the cumulative damage will be set as the max.


Addition of new RO Shop items

-- A new mount, the Angelic Savage Bebe, will be available. 

-- Dungeon Entry Tickets will be sold in packs of ten, purchasable daily.

-- Packs of 99 Honey will be offered.

-- Additional items will be discounted.



- New Cards will be added

-- 8 new cards will come from a new Premium Card Gacha, to start on February 29.

-- A new “attribute” table will be added to the card combine list.

- New March 1 Event

-- This will be a collection and exchange event.


Other Fixes

- Improvement of Field Boss notification function.

-- These notifications will no longer prevent existing notifications from disappearing, when overlapping.


(2/21 19:00) Issues confirmed after the maintenance on February 21st (Wednesday):

  • An occurrence where a specific pop-up window appears upon closing the PC version client.

※ Notes:

  1. Game access and play are still available normally.
  2. When changing [Language] settings, reconnecting will display the same pop-up window.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused during gameplay, and we will provide further guidance through this notice upon resolution.

Thank you, and we'll see you in Midgard!