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Roadmap through February 2024



Hello Midgardians, 

Today we present our 6-month roadmap, leading until March 2024. This is a general outline of the upcoming content the developers are working on and plan to release. Keep in mind that this is just a roadmap, and new developments or changes in content prioritization can occur. 


The major thing to note is that a lot of development work is being done for class balance, including balancing work in preparation of upcoming additions and changes, some of which is not noted in this roadmap. This is because, things like new endgame content and new skills or items affect balancing, and we want those new additions to be as balanced as possible when they release. 


Additionally, while we have announced Ragnarok Begins will release in South Korea soon, changes or updates which apply to the Korean service will also be applied to the West service. 


We welcome all of the newer players to this world of Midgard, and remain committed to Ragnarok Begins West for the long-term. We appreciate all of your support and patience as we continue to expand this game.