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Patch Notes 01.23.24 - Einbroch Gacha Event





We will have a mini-patch tomorrow, at 3:00PM, for approximately 2 hours (US PST). The game will be down during this time. We will follow-up on the maintenance and update on our official Discord and Facebook channels.

While we work on big content developments, we bring a small addition tomorrow. The patch notes are below.

RO Shop

- Addition of a new card Gacha featuring a higher probability of gaining Einbroch cards compared to other cards.

- Both Stage 1 and 2 reward boxes will feature Einbroch cards.

- This event will be available until February 2 at 12AM US PST.

Other changes

- Added guidance on the exchange route in the description of the Kraken leg item.

- Added information about the Exchange Shop in the Help > Shop > NPC Shop tab.

– Added descriptions for refining-related items: Tyr's Weapon Oil, Tyr's Armor Oil, Hamingja's Blessed Weapon Oil, Hamingja's Blessed Armor Oil

– Message has been added, “Does not apply to Huge Failure chance.”

Thank you for your patience as we continue to develop exciting additions to Ragnarok Begins.