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Multi-Account and Botting Terms-of-Service Update



Hello Midgardians,


Our Terms of Service is being adjusted in regards to botting/multi-boxing/macros/emulators/tools:


- As before, all tools, software, macros or other third-party resources which enable actions or movement in-game that are not natively supported by the game client are not allowed. Please report anyone via the Support tool or on Discord who may be breaking this. This includes any emulator functions which sync controls or macros which program or automate actions or movement beyond the autoplay function built-in game.


- The limit on concurrent accounts is 3 per user. This means multiple clients above 3 running on the same PC, emulator or mobile device are NOT allowed. Any player playing more than 3 accounts at the same time under the same household is breaking this policy. If you and others in your household are playing the game at the same time and the sum of connected accounts is 3 or less, this is allowable.

- Players may own more than 3 accounts that they originally created, without any limit, but can only play up to 3 concurrently (at the same time).

- RMT or any account trading/buying/selling is still strictly prohibited.


- Any players who received certain punishment under this policy very recently (or did not receive punishment) will have set punishment and future monitoring with some leniency given to allow for this new policy to be known to the community. 


- This new policy will start to be active and enforced in full starting May 15th, 2023 (PDT). Until this date, the previous policy is still in effect and will be enforced. 


- Botting or hacking is still not allowed and we will enforce this very strongly. 

- This policy is subject to change at any given time, with changes or updates publicly announced on the Ragnarok Begins West official Discord server, Website and/or Facebook page.

- Players with questions about this policy can ask a Community Manager.


- Players who see other players who may be breaking this policy should submit a support ticket or contact a Community Manager with evidence.


- GMs and CMs will not speak about the status of individual players to other players in the community.

Thank you and we hope to see you in Midgard!