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Season Pass


Event period : 05/25/2023 ~ 07/27/2023


Midgardians can enjoy a new event: Season Pass! This is the first season.

Season Period 05/25/23 5:00PM - 07/27/23 4:00AM (63 days) PDT 

Details: Level up your pass and get rewards! Pass can be leveled through completing daily and weekly missions, or through using Diamonds (only to level 50) through a new pass panel. 

Players who purchase a Premium Pass will be eligible to receive additional premium rewards including Costumes. Players who do not purchase the pass can still level the pass and get rewards, but not premium rewards. Players without a Premium Pass can level the pass to level 50. Those with a Premium Pass will receive Season Pass Coupons beyond level 50, which can be exchanged for a variety of goods. 

The Premium Pass can be purchased in the new panel.