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Patch Notes 06.25.24 - New Field Boss, Blue Dragon Costumes and more! (Maintenance Extended)




A single adventure to save the world! 

Hello, this is Ragnarok Begins.

Here are the details of the maintenance update on Wednesday, June 26th - 4pm ~ 10pm PDT extended*.

Please check the details below.




Field Boss 【Orc Hero】 Added

【Orc Hero】will be added to the Orc Hero Territory.

You can find it here: Menu > Field Boss > Orc Hero Territory

You can obtain various rewards according to your ranking and contribution when you defeat the boss:

  • Recommended Level: Base Lv.130
  • By purchasing the pass reward product, you can obtain an ‘Orc Hero Costume Ticket,’ and you can obtain costumes through the field boss costume draw. 

※ The Orc Hero costume is scheduled to be added during the July maintenance.


Updates and Improvements

Skuld's Elixir (Lv.119) Added

Skuld's Elixir (Lv.119):

  • Usage Restriction Level: Base Lv.119 or below
  • Grade: Legendary
  • Trade Status: Account-bound
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • When used, Base EXP gain +200% and Job EXP gain +200% will be applied. : Can be used concurrently with Urd's Elixir.
  • The duration will not be consumed if the game is closed while in use.

※ Please note that if you use the item consecutively while the buff is active, the buff duration will not accumulate but will reset.


Addition of a Direct Access Button to the Wardrobe in the Gacha Shop:

  • A new, direct access button to the Wardrobe will be added in the Gacha Shop.


The wording on the field boss reward information page will be changed from 'Damage Amount' to 'Contribution.'


Improvement of Moving Certain Consumable Items to the Storage:

  • Certain consumable items can now be stored in the house's shared storage.
  • Partial Modification of Guild Description in【Help】

The guild description in the help section will be partially modified:

  • Before: If the vice guild master does not log in for more than 7 days, the player with the highest weekly contribution will become the guild master.
  • After: If the vice guild master does not log in for more than 7 days, the player with the highest total contribution will become the guild master.

Addition of the Osiris Costume Ticket in the RO Shop:

  • An Osiris costume ticket will be added in RO Shop > Basic Products > Costume Ticket Exchange
  • You can exchange a certain number of costume tickets.

The town will be changed along with the summer festival event:

  • The mansion area will be partially changed to celebrate the summer festival.


Changes and Additions to New RO Shop Products:


2024 Summer Bundle

  • Sales Period: After maintenance ~ Until July 10th (Purchase limit: Once per account)

Blue Dragon Costume & Weapon Skin bundle

  • Sales Period: After maintenance ~ Until July 17th 



(Mount) Mature Blue Dragon

  • Sales Period: After maintenance ~ Until July 17th (Purchase limit: Once per account)


Cursed Mansion Diagram x30

  • Sales Period: After maintenance ~ Until July 10th (Weekly purchase limit per account: 1)


Odin's Relic Box

Odin's Relic Box x10+1

Odin's Relic bundle (Purchase limit: Once per account)

  • Sales Period: July 10th ~ July 24th


Premium Card Draw 

  • Sales Period: after maintenance ~ July 10th 
    • By spending 100 diamonds, you can obtain one card based on probability.
    • By spending 1,000 diamonds, you can obtain ten cards based on probability.
  • You accumulate 1 point for each card draw, and you receive guaranteed rewards at 100 and 200 draws.
    • After 100 card draws, you will receive [Premium Card Draw Stage 1 Reward].
    • After 200 card draws, you will receive [Premium Card Draw Stage 2 Reward].

※ Premium Card Draw Stage 1 allows you to randomly obtain one card from a set of unique cards.

※ Premium Card Draw Stage 2 allows you to randomly obtain one card from a set of legendary cards.

※ Please check the detailed information in the game for the card list and options.

※ Orc Hero Card is not included in the draw.

※ Notes

Please note that refunds are not possible after purchasing the product.

The products for Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the card draw will be delivered via mail.

Diamonds will be consumed starting from paid diamonds.

The sale period may change due to internal circumstances. In this case, we will notify you through this announcement.

Attribute cards are not included in 'Premium Card Draw Stage 1'.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where guild creation required achievement level conditions were inconsistent.
  • Fixed issue where players couldn't exit the portal after clearing the 'Pyramid Hell' dungeon.
  • Fixed issue where a red dot appeared upon reconnection after completing weekly quests within the guild.
  • Fixed issue where 'Dummy' and 'Orc Zombie' were incorrectly displayed in the information for obtaining normal grade card draw tickets.
  • Fixed issue where some monster habitats were inconsistently displayed in daily phenomenon quest.
  • Fixed issue where attacking the map floor occurred during automatic combat at specific locations.