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Update Note 1.25.2023




Greetings Midgardian!

The upcoming update notes have arrived!

Please be advised: This update will take place on January 25th, starting at 4 PM PST. The update will be about Three hours (May extend).


  • A New field boss has appeared! Check the new Morocc battlefield and test your strength by challenging the new field boss, Amon-ra!
  • Increase your stats, by selecting a costume and changing your appearance.
  • Dead again? Increase your stats by following some Kafra's tips!
  • Starting new to Ragnarok Begins? We have an exclusive Attendance event to help new players just like you!
  • Valentine's Day is coming! Show your affection to that special someone with some sweet chocolate gifts.
    • Event Period 23/01/28 00:00 ~ 23/02/18 00:00
  • Valentine's Day event items can be obtained below
    • cacao - Field Monster
    • Milk - Party Dungeon, Realm of Militia
    • Dark Chocolate - Reallm of Militia boss monster or Can be made through Event NPC
    • Milk Chocolate - Party dungeon boss monster or can be made through Event NPC
    • Material gift box - In-game icon event trade
    • Zeny gift box - in-game icon event trade
    • Card gift box - in-game icon event trade
    • Event Drop period - 23/01/28 00:00 ~ 23/02/11 00:00 
  • Farewell to 2022. Christmas skins around the major city and monsters were removed.



  • Access to the Account shared storage level requirement has changed from Lv40 to Lv65.
  • Player will now be sent back to the starting coordinates of the map where the character was stuck during the automatic movement after 5 seconds.
  • You can now enter how many items when extracting costumes.
  • If your connection was lost during your 'auto-combat' session, once your connections is reestablished your auto-combat should resume how it was before the disconnection.
  • If your connection was lost during your 'auto-combat' session, once your connections is reestablished your auto-combat should resume how it was before the disconnection.
  • Damage between players in PVP combat (Valhalla, Morocc battlefield) has been reduced by 40% (Changed from 60% → 40%)
  • Card Balanced 
    • Diamondback - DMG against Normal Enemy 20% → 12%
    • Furious Save - DMG Reduction from Large Enemy 20% → 15%
    • Driller - DMG against Dragon 20% → DMG against Demon Enemy 20%
  • The card booster pack (Common, Advanced, Rare, Heroic...) has been changed to non-tradable/non-saleable.



-Abnormal damage was displayed from the elite monster ‘Cutey Cute’ Vacuum Wave skill.

-Boss monsters were still present even if it had already been defeated on different channel.

-Some Boss monster HP bar did not display properly.

-Fixed an issue in which the guild master could appointed to 2 people.

-Some monsters' race did not display properly.

-Fixed an issue in which the Valhalla ranking effect did not display properly.

-Guild emblem occasionally appeared on monsters.

-Object overlapping in the map information UI.

-Boss target’s UI was occasionally not visible.

-Fixed an issue in which Zeny did not display right away after selling items.

-Certain quest emoticon rewards were the same.

-In certain areas, characters were able to move in mid-air.

-Using auto-move and card drawing simultaneously during map movement would cause the screen to turn black and disable game controls.

-Characters under level 30 are no longer able to use the party function.

-The error code:1 would display when a dead character is revived simultaneously as its opponent.

-An error pop-up would display when a high-ranking guild member denies a 'guild join request.'

-Issues with the auto-gather function in Poring Isle have been fixed.

-In some cases, the resurrection animation would continue to display when attempting to revive a character.

-Abnormal display of the guild member icon when the guild window is launched for the first time.

-In certain stages, an error would appear when leaving a party.

-Situations in which an error would appear when accepting bounty quests have been fixed.

-‘Holy Strike’ was missing light attributed damage.

-Descriptions of ‘Yggdrasil Leaf’ have been unified.

-When attempting to combine more than 100 refining or production materials, an error would appear.

-A button would become disabled when moving through a specific portal in the Pyramid dungeon with auto-combat activated.

-The Kafra attendance bonus did not renew after 28 days.

-Purchasing 'Cat Tail' in the costume shop caused a server disconnection


As always, thank you for your feedback and for helping us make the game experience better for everyone!