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Tips For Endless Tower



Hello Midgardians! 

We have heard your concerns regarding the Endless Tower. Here is a quick tip for how to find an Endless Tower Party!


1.) You can create or find an Endless Tower Party by first selecting “Find Party. This is located at the top left corner, underneath character information.”

2.) From here, click the cog icon as shown below.

3.) Once taken to “Party Goal Settings”, please select "Endless Tower (1-10F)

4.) Select “Set Goal” and see the list of parties to join and conquer the Endless Tower!

Another way to find a party is 

1.) Click “Party Auto-Search”.


2.) Click on ‘Endless Tower’ Tab on top


3.) Click ‘Find Party’, and you will be enlisted for Endless Tower Party!


Good luck all, and we'll see you in Midgard!