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Update and Patch Notes for 07.26.23




Greetings Midgardians!

Another month is here, which means another update. We are always working hard to provide monthly content updates for you. Some updates will naturally be larger than others, but we are always aiming to keep things new and fresh, while incorporating your feedback. 

The update will occur next Wednesday (July 26th) at 5:00PM, for approximately 3 hours. The servers will be unplayable during this time. Please logoff beforehand to ensure safe data recording.

The update details are listed below:



New Debuff Feature

  • A new debuff icon feature will be implemented for Heavy Metaling, indicating when players are afflicted with special or dangerous debuffs. 
  • We hope to add this feature to other field bosses and monsters based on community feedback.


New Content: Mount Riding

  • A quest to attain a mount will be added. Players can obtain the Brownie mount (horse) by completing the first part of a quest chain.
  • By completing the full quest chain, including a special quest through a Hell Dungeon, players can obtain a Pecopeco mount.
  • These mounts have different stat bonuses, and more mounts can be released in the future.


Summer Festival Event

  • A new check-in event will be held to celebrate Summer! Players can get rewards by attending and exchanging item drops for further rewards.
  • Check in event: 07/26/23 to 08/17/23 
  • Item exchange: 07/29/23 to 08/19/23
  • Exchange Item drop: 07/29/23 to 08/12/23


Guild Quest Improvement

  • Players who rejoin a guild will not be able to continue past guild quests or accept new guild quests until the next weekly quest reset.
  • Available guild quests will be changed to 3-5 quests, depending on guild level.


New Item Package

  • New summer costumes will be added to the shop.


New Stats

  • Four new stats will be added: Drop Rate increase (normal) % and Drop Rate increase (special) %, along with Base Experience gain % and Job Experience gain %. 
    • Drop Rate increase (special) % applies to increased item drop rate from dungeons, Realm Militia, Prismatic Realm and Field Bosses.
  • Players can raise these stats by using new mounts which grant specific bonuses. 


Thank you, and we hope to see you in Midgard!