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Odin's Treasure Vault Scroll Event


Event period : 04/30/2024 ~ 12/31/2059


Hello Midgardians!


We're back with another Geffen event! This time, to celebrate the release of Geffen, we're having a massive giveaway through Odin's Treasure Vault Scroll.

Odin's Treasure Vault Scroll was discovered in the Geffen catacombs, and the scroll contains codes for massive amounts of treasures!

The scroll has been parsed through, and these codes were written on it:

1. MAGICAL: Honey x 100
2. CITY: Mastela Fruit x 100
3. GEFFEN1: Diamond (free) x 100
4. MAGICIAN: Yggdrasil Berry x 50
5. SPRING2024: Royal Jelly x 80
6. MANOR: Adventure Battle Skill Reset x 1
7. DRACULA: Adventure Livelihood Skill Reset x 1
8. KAFRA0424: Vitata 500 x 5
9. ORK: Butterfly wing x 20
10. WANTED0424: Costume Ticket x 500
11. WEAP04: Oridecon x 30
12. ARMOR04: Elunium x 30
13. ENCHANT04: Mora Scrolls x 15
14. UNIQUE0424: Dungeon Entry Ticket x 5
15. OPEN0424: Yggdrasil seed x 20
16. HERO0424: Heroic card Booster Pack x 30
17. GUILD0424: Zeny x 1,000,000
18. BLEVEL139: Reset Stats x 1
19. JLEVEL50: Reset Skills x 1
20. BLESS0424: Urdr’s Elixir x 2


How to redeem the code- 
Log in to our official website
Choose the Redeem Code menu and choose your device, Android, Apple, or PC 
Enter the redeem code! Make sure to apply it to the right account! 

Things to note- 
You need to have a character on your account for the rewards to be delivered to your Account mailbox in-game
The code will only be available to redeem 1 time per account


These codes are active NOW and will be available until May 15th! EVERYONE can enjoy in the plunders of Geffen~ We hope sharing these treasures will help prepare you for the conquest of Geffen!