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A single adventure to save the world!



Hello from the Ragnarok Begins Team.

We would like to inform you that maintenance will be conducted on Thursday, June 6. Please check the detailed schedule below.


[Maintenance Time]
Thursday, June 6, 16:00 ~ 21:00 PDT (subject to change)

[Maintenance Details]

  • Addition of solo mode: 【Mjolnir Abandoned Mine】 dungeon
  • Addition of new Subjugation War guild boss 【Fallen Dragonoid】
  • Other updates and adjustments
  • Addition of Season Pass 4
  • Changes and additions to new RO Shop products
  • Bug fixes

[Maintenance Compensation]

  • 2 Vitata 500s
  • 400,000 Zeny

※ Notes

  • For safe gameplay, we recommend logging out before the server maintenance begins.
  • The maintenance duration is subject to change, and any changes will be announced through this notice.
  • Maintenance compensation will be distributed sequentially via mail after the maintenance ends.

Thank you.