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Update and Patch Notes for 03.22.2023



Greetings Midgardians!

The upcoming update and patch notes have arrived! 

Please be advised: This update will take place on March 22nd, starting at 4 PM PDT. The update and maintenance will take about four hours (may be extended). 

[Major Updates] 

1) New area revealed! Talk to Ailock to explore Einbroch! 

  • -A new challenging Einbroch dungeon can be explored (Prismatic Realm)

2) Get stronger with a higher Level cap (Cap raise: Base Lv.99 -> 119 / Job Lv.40 -> 45)

3) Element attributes have been added 

  • -It is recommended to pay attention to the effects of element attributes when entering dungeons
  • -Conquer the Prismatic Realm dungeon and get element stones and more!
    • --The entry-level requirement is based on difficulty level, and it is recommended to have the associated element attribute resistance.
    • --Each day of the week, rewards will be doubled for a different and specific dungeon completion.
    • --On Saturdays and Sundays, dungeon completions will offer additional rewards.
    • --The final boss must be defeated to earn rewards.
  • -Craft new equipment with element attributes using element stones. You can craft weapons with the following elements: Neutral, Fire, Water, Light, and Dark!
  • -Not enough elemental attribute bonuses? You can now craft and try element potions.
    • --These potions enhance specific attribute resistance and/or certain attribute bonuses.

4) Added Level 100 weapons, armor, and accessories. 

  • -Random stat bonus when acquiring Level 100+ equipment that is Rare grade or Heroic grade (Advanced grade has 1 random stat bonus for accessories only) through drops or crafting.
    – This only applies to equipment which drops from the Einbroch area or crafted in the Einbroch area.
    – For Rare or Heroic grades, weapons and armor have 1 random stat bonus, while accessories have at least 1 (up to 2) random stat bonus(es). 
    – Equipment which is Advanced grade (weapons or armor) or lower grade (all equipment types) will have static, pre-set stats. 

5) Refine Equipment Additions: 

  • -Catalysts: Items which increase the probability of successfully refining equipment.
  • -Safeguards: Items which can prevent Huge Fails from occurring.
  • -When transferring refined equipment, the refinement level will decrease.

6) New Costume Draw added: Fallen Dragonoid Costume

7) New Bundles added to the Diamond Shop

  • -Easter Season Bundle
  • -Fashion of Passion Bundle
  • -Heroic Card Booster Bundle
  • -Jump Bundle
  • -Blessed Weapon Refinement Bundle
  • -Blessed Armor Refinement Bundle
  • -Loki’s Armament Safeguard
  • -Loki’s Armor Safeguard
  • -Hamingja’s Blessed Armament Oil
  • -Hamingja’s Blessed Armor Oil
  • -Tyr’s Armament Oil
  • -Tyr’s Armor Oil

8) Three New Events 
A: Chase the Easter Bunny

-- Catch the Easter Bunny who can appear on Poring Isle and gather Easter Eggs to exchange for rewards.

--This event will run from March 26 01:00:00 ~ April 16 01:00:00 

--Event Item Drop period will run from March 26 12:00:00 ~ April 9 01:00:00 

B: A Tiny Mayhem on April Fool’s Day: 
-- Huh? What are these strange items?? Check into the April Fool’s Day calendar. 

--This event will run from April 1 01:00:00  ~ April 8 01:00:00

--Maximum daily check-in is 4 days.

C: Drive to Einbroch Check-in Event
-- To raise awareness and celebrate the release of Einbroch, players who check-in for 14 days during this event will be entered to receive a $25 e-gift card from Google, Apple, or Amazon (USD). More information will be posted on social channels.

--This event will run from March 22 (After the maintenance)  ~ April 16 01:00:00 


1) Arena of Valhalla matching windows increased and entry times changed
- Arena of Valhalla matchmaking will be open from 02:00, 6:00, 10:00, 14:00, 18:00, and 22:00 for a one-hour timeframe at each time, for 6 total time slots (PDT). 

2) Diamond Costume Draw tier list has been changed.

3) Costumes which could be bought with diamonds are no longer available to purchase with diamonds.

[Bug Fixes/Minor Changes] 

1) Fixed an issue where the debuff icon of the Black Mushroom skill wasn't displaying correctly.

2) Fixed an issue where the score would reset when claiming Arena of Valhalla rewards after 17:00 without restarting the client.

3) Fixed an issue where the hitbox and effect positions of monster skills were mismatched.

4) Fixed an issue where skills with the "Provocation/Taunt” effect were not applied to Field Bosses.

  • -Skill names: (Threaten), (Leader), (Binding Chains), (Punishment)

[Balance Changes] 

Card Balances:

  • Vitata card’s bonus Recovery given and received has been reduced from +5% to +3%.
  • Barbatus Slasher card’s Physical Attack Power bonus has been reduced from +5% to +3%.

Skill Changes:

  • Certain skills without elemental attributes will now take on the player’s equipped weapon elemental attribute:
    • Swordsman - Power Strike
    • Warrior - Sword: Maelstrom, Axe: Ground Split
    • Defender: Shield Bash, Threaten
    • Archer: Double Strafe
    • Hunter: Sharp Shooting
    • Ranger: Aimed Shot

Monster Changes:

  • Fallen Dragonoid will now push players around him with a threatening aura after healing..

    Thank you for your patience with the maintenance and we are so excited to bring this big update to all Midgardians!