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Patch Notes 04.24.24 - Geffen and New Level Cap




Greetings Midgardians,

The long-awaited update is coming this week! Geffen will release after the update maintenance on April 24th, with the servers being down from 4pm to 12am (US PDT).

We're very excited to bring you this new zone, with a higher level cap, new dungeon, cards, and more!

We also have new content and systems updates planned in the future, so don't miss out!

The patch notes are as follows:


- Expansion of character level limit (Base level 119 > 139, Job level 45 > 50)
- - With the expansion of the base level, an additional 120 stat points will be obtained
- - With the expansion of the base level, recommended stats will be changed according to each job.
- New hunting fields
- New Dungeon: Cursed Manor
- New Equipment: Unique Grade equipment items
- New Cards: Geffen Monster Cards
- New Furniture: Geffen Monster Trophies 

New Field Maps
- The Geffen region features 10 total hunting field maps and 3 city field maps.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing all Midgardians enjoy the new content that awaits in the Magical City of Geffen!