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Update 11.22.2022




11/22/2022 Update Download

Linked below are links for players to download an updated version of Ragnarok Begins West.


Google Play:


The following has been adjusted to improve user play convenience


-- When clicking the mission pass again to open it at 12 midnight, new mission lists should appear, but only updates after reconnecting

-- When registering a potion to the quick slot, the inventory tab was moved to another place, so the potion was not visible and only a yellow line was visible

-- Game client does not start properly on specific devices(shows a black screen or error screens)

-- Players are unable to draw cards even if they have currency to draw cards

-- Character does not attack during auto-hunting when the auto-target is turned off in the setting

-- Player could enter the housing content through the event window even if the player has not reached the level to unlock the content

-- Gathering interface would disappear when opening and closing the battle pass window while gathering in Poring Isle

-- Not receiving a quest when a character dies when a dialogue window leading to the next quest is displayed after the quest is automatically completed after manipulating a specific object during the quest

-- Player’s HP bar would appear when a monster attacks another user on the field and hits them (HP bar with the same shape as the monster HP bar)


Thank you everyone for supporting Ragnarok Begins!