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Pre-registration and Reward Items Update



Hello Midgardians!
We're aware that the promotion items are not yet distributed to our players. We're currently in the process of delivering the items very soon.
In order to redeem any of these items, the CHARACTER must be CREATED BEFORE ITEM DISTRIBUTION.

Check your in-game mail (Account inbox) for:

Mobile Pre-registration Rewards:
- Royal Jelly
- Panacea

Pre-registration Event Reward:
- 750 Diamonds

Monster Collecting Mission Reward:
- 2000 Costume Tickets


Official website "Pre-register Now for Special Coupon Code" event reward will only be obtained through a coupon code sent to only official website pre-registered emails. Player will be able to obtain the pre-registration reward items by clicking " Redeem" under the game's menu, which will prompt them to input the code on a webpage [ ])
Pre-registration items are only available to one character per account. Once the code is redeemed, please check the in-game mail (account inbox) for items.

Pre-registration Items (via coupon code)
- Angeling Hat
- Quarantine Mask
- Angeling Hot Air Balloon

Thank you for your patience!